Online Edition

For my parents,
the original Dan and Barbara Kennedy,
who died much too young.
They would have loved their grandchildren.
And their grandchildren would have loved them.

Table of Contents

By Becky Kennedy. (From the 2019 paperback reissue.)

Introduction to the Third Edition

Chapter One
An Unexpected Journey

Chapter Two
Life Saving

Chapter Three
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

Chapter Four
The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Chapter Five
Chaos Theory

Chapter Six
A Different Kind of Disability

Chapter Seven
On Her Own Two Feet

Chapter Eight
Stereotypes, Stigma, and Identity

Chapter Nine
The Bone Machine

Chapter Ten
The Storm Before the Calm

Chapter Eleven
Of Drunks and Divas

Chapter Twelve
The New Eugenics

Chapter Thirteen
A Place of Her Own


Notes on Sources