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“Dan Kennedy writes in a friendly, trustworthy voice about difficult topics: difference, prejudice, and disability. Little People has the form of memoir and the effect of social commentary. Its power is cumulative. Using his own parental anxiety and curiosity as a bridge, Kennedy makes unfamiliar experience accessible.” — Peter Kramer, best-selling author of Listening to Prozac and Spectacular Happiness

“So much for us to consider as we go through this extraordinary book — how fate and chance determine the circumstances of our lives — all told in wonderfully affecting and summoning language by a thoughtful and introspectively energetic father and writer who shares with us a family’s life and in so doing helps us to become his companions in human understanding.” — Robert Coles, best-selling author of The Moral Intelligence of Children and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Children of Crisis

“Dan Kennedy’s writing is clear, measured, and generous, and reflects both the seriousness of his intellectual enterprise and the profundity of his love for his daughter. This book is about the processes of acceptance, and tells how one learns to tolerate difference, and then to cherish it.” — Andrew Solomon, best-selling author of The Noonday Demon and winner of the National Book Award


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October 24, 2003

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September 15, 2003


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April 2004

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December 16, 2003